Ayurveda philosophy teaches us that an improperly functioning digestive tract is the root cause of most, if not all, diseases. Hippocrates believed all disease begins in the gut.
The healing tradition of Ayurveda is based on the medicinal power of plants to address the cause rather than symptoms of any dysfunction in the body.
Ayurvedant’s extensive range of digestive care products provide immediate relief from indigestion and constipation.

They also supplement your diet to strengthen the functioning of the digestive tract.Each person has a unique lifestyle and body condition. Therefore, persistent indigestion is best handled individually through Ayurvedant’s customized packages. Call or write to us to consult our panel of experts to develop the best naturally healing formulation for your body


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Price: ₹118.00

The traditional Ayurvedic medicine known for its astringent stimulant property helpful in dysentry, diarrhoea, fever and sprue. Its a safe and effective medicine for amoebiasis and amoebic dysentry. ..

Price: ₹114.00

A herbal bitter it is helpful in improving digestion power, strength and immunity . Good for liver disorders, relieves edema and inflammation. Its a  good source of iron, useful in the treatment of anemia.   ..
Gaisantak Bati
Baidyanath Gaisantak Bati helpful in flatulence, gases, bloating, abdominal fullness and indigestion. ..
Amoebica Tablet
Amoebica tab is helpful to cure loose motions because of amoebic dysentry , diarrhoea ,frequent motion ,IBS ..

Price: ₹109.00

A herbal remedy helpful for intestinal amoebiasis flatulence,dyspepsia,bacillary dysentry etc. ..
Mahashankh Vati
Its in  our ancient text described as  carminative, stomachic ,helpful  in indigestion , flatulence and  intestinal pains. ..

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