Restricted blood flow in and around the heart can cause serious health problems leading to lifestyle restrictions and a limited life.

Sedentary lifestyle and high fat diet causes one’s weight to increase and build-up of high cholesterol as well. Bad Cholesterol, namely LDL, VLDL and triglycerides, is the major cause of compromised heart function. Rising levels of bad cholesterol restrict the flow of blood in the heart, affecting its normal functioning and, in severe cases, resulting in angina pain or coronary heart disease.

Regular doses of Cardiwin have a successful track record of balancing cholesterol level and reducing bad cholesterol. Cardiwin is listed by USFDA, and holds a patent in the USA.

Arjuna capsules helps in strengthening heart function without any side effects since the product consists of natural ingredients only.

We recommend a Heart care package for heart dysfunction, be it in early or advanced stage of your life.
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Prabhakar Vati

Price: ₹164.00

 Prabhakar vati mentioned in our ancient text as hridya (Tonic for heart) and helps to give strength to cardiac muscles . It acts as cardiac tonic and rejuvenator. ..
Arjuna Aristha

Price: ₹120.00

Arjunarishta a trusted Bitter mentioned in Ayurvedic scriptures  is helpful to remove weakness,  tiredness, chronic respiratory diseases, cough, throat related diseases. ..
Sarpgandha Ghan Vati
Sarpgandha is known for its sleep inducing  activity and relaxing properities. Baidyanath Sarpgandha Ghan Vati helps in sleep disturbance, high blood pressure and anxiety. ..

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