Ayurvedant has developed a range of skin care products for common but persistent problems like acne and acne scars to serious ailments such as skin allergy, psoriasis, eczema and pigmentation. The medicines contain herbs like Neem and Manjistha to restore the body’s natural healing and rejuvenating properties for a healthy skin.

Neemwin and Manjistha capsules possess blood purifying properties that give your skin a natural glow. Please write or call us for expert advice on how to use our Skin treatment package for best results.


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Surakta Syrup

Price: ₹170.00

Helpful in pimples, acne, alternative tonic and blood purifier. Also found to be useful in scabies, boil, tones up liver function, removes constipation, improves blood circulation thus useful in improving complexion. ..
Raktshodhak Vati
According to ayurveda texts skin diseases are caused due to toxins in blood. Baidyanath Raktshodhak tablets acts as blood purifier helps to prevent acne, skin ailments .it purifies vitiated blood and prevents formation of skin rashes, urticaria, cleasnes bowel and clears complexion .   ..

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