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Rheumartho Gold Plus
Helpful in Vata diseases to relieve pain & inflammation. Helps to relieve edema, joint stiffness, problems associated with Arthritis, Rheumatism and sciatica. ..
Surakta Syrup

Price: ₹170.00

Helpful in pimples, acne, alternative tonic and blood purifier. Also found to be useful in scabies, boil, tones up liver function, removes constipation, improves blood circulation thus useful in improving complexion. ..
Vita-Ex Gold Plus
Unique preparation different from others enriched with pure gold. The gold anciently recognized for its  stimulant power it helps in sustained stamina. Fortified with other valuable herbs vita ex gold plus rejuvenates and enhances cofidence and helps to reach peak performances and outmost pleas..
Arjuna Aristha

Price: ₹120.00

Arjunarishta a trusted Bitter mentioned in Ayurvedic scriptures  is helpful to remove weakness,  tiredness, chronic respiratory diseases, cough, throat related diseases. ..

Price: ₹114.00

A herbal bitter it is helpful in improving digestion power, strength and immunity . Good for liver disorders, relieves edema and inflammation. Its a  good source of iron, useful in the treatment of anemia.   ..
Raktshodhak Vati
According to ayurveda texts skin diseases are caused due to toxins in blood. Baidyanath Raktshodhak tablets acts as blood purifier helps to prevent acne, skin ailments .it purifies vitiated blood and prevents formation of skin rashes, urticaria, cleasnes bowel and clears complexion .   ..
Rheumartho Gold Plus + Artho Oil(Combo)
Baidyanath rheumartho gold plus is most effective in chronic joint pains fortified with swarna bhasma and also effective in chronic vat diseases. Dose: 1 capsule twice a day with milk or as directed by the physician. ..

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