Anti Stress

A modern, high-paced, adrenalin-fueled lifestyle, a mechanical and monotonous job profile, fueled by high expectations from your boss, can cause serious and persistent stress. Continuous stress can adversely affect almost all body functions, even increasing the risk of coronary dysfunction.

High level of stress causes health problems like disturbed sleep, poor concentration and chronic fatigue. Inability to relax and unwind keeps you constantly on the edge.

High stress essentially disturb the hormonal balance of your body which reduce your immunity thereby increasing your vulnerability to infection and disease.

Ayurevdant products leverage the rejuvenating powers of Jatamansi, Brahmi and Ashwagnadha to vitalize your body and calm your mind. It also builds your stamina, improves your memory and increases your concentration.  

If your stress problem has reached an advanced stage, call or write to us for our Stress treatment Package.

Anti Stress

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Anti-Stress Package
Stress is the major component of modern life causing adverse effects on physiological and psychological aspects of once life. Chronic and traumatic stress can give rise to various health conditions like anxiety, headache, depression and sleep disturbances, high blood pressure, acidity, gastric pr..

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