Swarn Makar D

Swarn Makar D

Swarna Makardhwaj Vati is well known for boosting immunity, rejuvenating, improving vigour and vitality.

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1-1 tab twice daily with milk after meals or as directed by physician
Major ingredients include Shuddha Swarna (Purified gold leaves) 12 g, Shuddha Parada (purified Mercury) 96 g, Shuddha Gandhak( purified Sulphur) 288 g Karpasa – Cotton – Gossypium herbaceum – juice extract – Quantity Sufficient. Kumari – Aloe vera – juice – Quantity Sufficient.


  • Flavonoids rich foods like berries, nuts & beans, lemons, lime, bananas, green vegetables, protein rich foods, green tea, milk, whole grains, and fish — with fewer red and processed meat and refined grains etc..
  • AVOID-
  • Alcohol, tobacco, smoking, fizzy drinks, spicy food, Finely milled wheat flour, fast food etc.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Control your blood pressure and blood sugar. Uncontrolled Diabetes and cardiovascular conditions can result erectile dysfunction.
  • Regular exercise is found to be helpful in delaying ageing and preserving vitality .
  • But not all forms of exercise are equal Men who rode bicycle on road or gym were nearly twice as likely to be impotent as men in the general population.
  • Avoid fat and smoking . Atherosclerosis or narrowing of arteries not only effect Coronary arteries but it happens all over the body so Pudendal arteries that carry blood to penis too get effected. So the golden rules will be to cut unhealthy fat from diet, quit smoking and lose weight for obese.

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