Ayurvedant has developed a range of skin care products for common but persistent problems like acne and acne scars to serious ailments such as skin allergy, psoriasis, eczema and pigmentation. The medicines contain herbs like Neem and Manjistha to restore the body’s natural healing and rejuvenating properties for a healthy skin.

Neemwin and Manjistha capsules possess blood purifying properties that give your skin a natural glow. Please write or call us for expert advice on how to use our Skin treatment package for best results.


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Neemwin Capsule
Skin support formula dietary supplement*. Neemwin constituents work in harmony with nature and provides daily supplements formula to support healthy skin. Helps sooth skin & reduce the appearance of inflammation & redness. Effectively promotes healthy radiant looking skin*. Research an..
Neem Tablets

Price: ₹135.00

Dietary supplement for optimal skin health. Neem constituents works in harmony with the nature to optimize healthy skin, help with its detoxifying and antioxidant properties in various skin aliments*. Research and clinical evidence show:-Neem contains Azadirachtin, Salanin, meliantriol and Que..
Clearwin Syrup

Price: ₹150.00

Blood purification, helps in skin diseases, acne, boils, skin allergy etc.  Not just skin problems but improves the entire immune system, constipation, nose bleeding and digestive problems are some other aliments which regular use of clearwin syrup can treat. Research and Clinical studies..
Kaishor Guggulu
Ayurvedic texts suggest its usage in raised Uric acid, skin problems, diabetes, wounds, diabetic carbuncles, natural blood cleanser etc. ..

Diabetic Management



Joint & Muscles


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