Him Sagar Tail

For every problem there is solution in Ayurveda. As weknow that in India summer lasts for 6 to 8 months and due to this severalcomplications arises. Like Lethargy, burning sensation over scalp and body,Irritability, stress and shock due to excessive heat etc. For this Ayurveda hasan answer and that is Himsagar tail.


The tail contains mixture of more than 50 Ayurvedic herbsProcessed in Sesame Oil with “Tail Pak Vidhi” described in AncientAuthoritative Ayurvedic Text Books. By Virtue of its cooling herbs it isCoolant in nature. It pacifies excessive Vata & pitta doshas. It relivesheating sensation in extremities & scalp. By Massaging this Himsagar Tailon Scalp one can feel fresh, have good sleep, get rid of mental stress,irritability and headache. 

In case of fever, it should be applied on all overbody. Apart from his coolant nature it is also a vata pacifier hence helpful invata dosh related diseases, like various neuro-muscular conditions, locomotorproblems and pain due to any reason. It also reduces dryness over scalp.