These days due to hectic schedule and bad eating habits chances of getting lifestyle diseases increased. Everyone wants to stay fit but due to lack of time people not able to get entire focus on their health. What else is good enough if you can maintain your fitness by only drink teas? Yes it’s true after so much of study and extensive research Baidyanath research foundation has developed some teas that can help you in stay fit. You only want to develop a habit of drinking tea.

There are 4 teas and all are for different indications:

1.Laxi Tea: Constipation is very major issue these days and is also a cause of many diseases. Ayurveda says that upset stomach is the primary reason for origin of diseases. Laxi tea is an answer for constipation. It contains Antioxidant properties of Green tea with a combination of Sanay, Sonth(Ginger), Saunf (Fennel) and Elaichi. The combination can increase peristaltic movement and induce bowel movement, resulting in smooth evacuation of feces.

2.Trim Tea: Due to unhealthy eating habits and less physical movements incidence of developing obesity is increasing. Due to this people are facing major health issues like Diabetes, Liver disorders, increased cholesterol, Hypertension, Heart diseases etc. After considering all these issues baidyanth research foundation developed Trim tea. It contains Green tea that contains Catechins that is known to help with weight loss, Garciniacambogia that contains Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) that helps to reduce production of excess fat, Triphala combat the effect of dietary fat and lowers bad cholesterol (LDL), Haldi (Turmeric) prevents excess fat accumulation in fat cells and tissues and Gurhal (Hibiscus) helps lower high blood pressure and regulates metabolism.

3.Vital tea: Due to stressful life people feel more fatigue and anxiety. It can cause weakness and stress which is again cause of many health issues starting from headache, sleeplessness to disturbance in sexual life.Baidyanath research foundation has developed a formulation vital tea which can help in restore this. Vital tea contains Green tea that contains antioxidants,Safed Musali contains vitamins and proteins which stimulates and increases vigour an vitality, Shatawari helps treat nervous disorders and builds stamina,Saffron helps rejuvenate and restore inner strength and energy and Ashwagandha contains alkaloids and lactone which helps reduce fatigue, body stress, anxiety and sleeplessness.

4.Coff tea:  We know these days that environment is so polluted due to which chances of getting respiratory infection is more. Due to low immunity and allergy also leads to cold and cough sometime. Here is the answer for it and that is Coff tea. Coff tea contains Green tea that has antioxidants which increase immunity, Mulethi contains glycyrrhetinic acid that helps relieve from cough, sore throat and clears respiratory passage, Saffron helps improve immunity and relieves from cough and common cold, Tulsi helps reduce throat and nose congestion and improves immunity, Clove helps ease and relieve irritation in throat and air passage, Piparamool helps relieve upper and lower respiratory tract infection and sonth contains anti inflammatory properties that help in seasonal allergies.