The toothpaste contains several herbs that are having individual functions and in combination they work harmoniously and provide overall protection to teeth. 

Following are the herbs that are present in the toothpaste:

Neem: As we know that neem is having anti microbial properties hence it is good in fighting against germs, prevents from dental carries and ensures clean mouth feeling

Pudina: It is also effective in fighting against germs and also helps in reducing cold and hot sensation in teeth

Triphala: Due to its anti oxidative properties it is helpful in reducing plaque and effectively inhibits biofilm formation

Babool: Since centuries Babool is playing major role in oral care. Due to its anti bacterial properties it prevents from tooth decay and also reduces the hot & cold sensation in teeth

Saunf: It is natural mouth freshener, provides care to gums and inhibits the growth of micro- organisms who are responsible for dental carries

Clove: Clove helps in reducing inflammation in the oral mucosa. It contains eugenol as an active ingredient that reaches to deep inside sensitive area of teeth and provides lasting relief.

Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is having good healing properties hence it is useful in apthous ulcers, lichen planus and many other oral infections. Aloe Vera also keeps gum healthy.