Papainwin Tablet - For Healthy Platelets Count

Nowadays, the time for seasons change is goingon. The rain drops after the hot summer gives relief but brings with it manyinfectious diseases. Various disease-causing viruses and inactive spores ofbacteria & Viruses get activate when come in touch water and heat andactivate viral diseases such as fever, colds and cough.


Due to water accumulation, mosquitoes alsoflourish. Which are carriers of many types of parasites. Female anophelesMosquito Malaria and Aedes  Mosquito are carriers of dengue virus.

The fever caused by denguevirus is also called dengue fever or hemorrhagic fever. In the denguehemorrhagic fever, the dengue virus begins to destruct cell wall of plateletcells that maintain thickness in the blood.

And the blood cells seem to lean out from bloodvessels. If the number of platelets falls below a certain number of points, thecondition may also be fatal. Platelet or blood is given to such patients as atreatment.


So you saw the extent to which platelets areimportant to us. Now, discussing that Ayurvedic medicines"Papainwin", which is made from extract of Medicinal  herbs likepapaya, Tulsi and Giloy. Let us know how these important herbs make"Papainwin", an effective drug.



Flavonoids content is found in papaya, which has the properties thatprevents from breaking down the cell wall of platelets. So this disables theeffects of dengue virus. Since the production of platelets remains constant inthe bone marrow within the bones, so the number of platelets in the body startsgetting normal in the blood.



Today, Giloy is the center of attraction for Ayurvedic scientists. Themain working material in it is "bitters". It is probably the bestherb to increase the immunity. Gilroy's standardized extract has been used inPapainwin. It not only protects infectious diseases but also reduces fever.



Tulsi is used for its medical properties since Vedic period. Itcontains antiseptic, antibiotic properties due to the Essential oils found init. It increases immunity and cough gives instant relief in cold.


Thus, we see that "Papainwin" isbeneficial in all types of fever, malaria, dengue, viral fever,flu, cough,colds, Rescues Platelets and provides them with good health. "It is betterto take security measures before the disease", so you can start using"Papainwin" from today.



1-1 tablet in the morning with BaidyanathGiloya juice


30 tablet is available in attractivepacking.