Shankhpushpi.... A Brain Tonic

Now these days as we all know that competitiveness among children is at its peak. Every child wants to prove him or herself. Due to this pressure is so much that it’s difficult to maintain brain health.

Examination days are coming and every child is dedicating their most of the time in to the studies, but to study is not enough for success one should need more concentration, focus and retention power.

To help increase these qualities Ayurveda has an answer and that is Shankhpushpi.


What is Shankhpushpi

 Shankhpushpi is an Ayurvedic herb found in India.


Benefits of Shankhpushpi

 Shankhpushpi will increase brain health naturally resulting in more concentration, focus and retention power. Scientists also proved that shankhpushpi and bramhi can help in increasing overall brain health.


So gentle messages to all parents please start giving shankhpushpi to your love ones so they can fulfill your expectations and also help themselves in building their future.


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