About Us

Ayurvedant is an initiative of the Baidyanath Group, a name synonymous with Ayurveda since 1917.It is emboldened by the Baidyanath Research Foundation (BRF), which continually strives to source the purity and potency of nature's offerings and enrich them with this 5000-year-old wisdom.

BRF cultivates naturally grown herbs from the Himalayas to the central plains of India. It validates its Ayurvedic treatment methodologies through world class research institutes and establishes pioneering quality-driven manufacturing techniques.

Ayurvedant has evolved considerably since its inception.

Since 1982, in the memory of its founder Vaidya Shree R.N Sharma, Baidyanath instituted India's highest honour in Ayurvedic Research,  given by either Prime Minister or the president of India.

Baidyanath Also distributes Scholarship & financial aids every year directly to Ayurvedic students, institutions, research centres and Hospitals.  BRF also publishes a monthly research journal 'Sachitra Ayurved' which chronicles the latest findings of the R&D wing and keeps the Ayurveda fraternity abreast with the latest in the field by including various articles of medical interest.

Ayurveda Sar Sanghrah published by Baidyanath is accepted as reference book in pharmacopeia of Ayurveda by government of India.

To develop and authenticate the efficacy of these products, Ayurvedant along with BRF have long collaborated with various premier knowledge centres like Banaras Hindu University, Gujarat Ayurveda University Jamnagar, and Bundelkhand University Jhansi.

As an associate company of the Baidyanath Group, Ayurvedant seeks to bring forth evidence based Herbal Nutraceuticals that can help millions with various chronic lifestyle disorders. Everyone has a right to a healthy and fulfilling life; Ayurvedant can help to achieve these goals.