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Amla is a gift to mankind no wonders it is called ‘Dhatriphal’ meaning a motherly boon. It is excellent source of Vitamin C, helps to boost immunity and prevents infections. Balance all the processes in the body and brings equilibrium all three doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Rich in antioxidants protects harmful effects of free radicals, helps in slowing down the ageing process

Benefits –

·         Useful in seasonal cough and cold

·         Improves immunity keeps away seasonal diseases

·         Helpful in reduction bad cholesterol

·         Improves digestion, takes care of acidity, indigestion and gases.

·         Rich in Vitamin C, A and B6 , Minerals like Copper, Phosphorus, Iron and Calcium serves as power house of daily nourishment.

·         Helps to improve Eyesight

·         Enriches hair growth, keeps them long and strong

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