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Brahmi is known as a nervine tonic, improves concentration good memory booster. It is also helpful to remove general debility.

1-2 tab twice daily with milk after meals or as directed by physician

Major ingredients include Brahmi(Bacoppa monnieri) - 6 mg Kasturi(Abelmoschus moschatus)- 6 mg,Keshar(Crocus sativus)- 6 mg,Nishoth(Operculina turpethum)- 6 mg Rumimastangi(Pistacia lentiscus) - 2 mg Pipplamool(Piper longum)- 2 mg Chitrakmool ( Plumbago zeylanica) -2 mg and Bhawna - Brahmi Ras Ki

Diet Beneficial in Stress

  • Yogurt, bananas, vegetables, wholegrain food, brown rice, beans, turkey chicken, cottage cheese, fresh fish, fruits, baked potato, peanut butter, garlic, spinach.

Food to be avoided

  • Fizzy drinks, Junk food, white bread, chips, pastry, cakes, caffeine, alcohol.

Do’s and Donts

  • If something is bothering you, or you feel overwhelmed, talk it out.
  • If you’re stressed out, go for a walk, listen to relaxing/soothing music, take a drive in the country, or go to a place where you can enjoy some quiet time.
  • Control the negative voice in your head-talk to yourself in logical and gentle tone.
  • Identify your physiological signs of stress and ways to alleviate it.

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