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Dietary supplement for the diabetic patients to control complications of diabetes and to improve general debility in diabetics.

1-2 tsf twice daily empty stomach for diabetics or as directed by physician

Major ingredients include Amla Pulp (Emblica officinalis) 75g, Till Tel - 5g, Bilva(Aegel marmelos)and Agnimantha (Premna mucorata)- 0.4g, Shyonaka (Oroxylum indicum)- 0.4g gambhari(Gmelena arborea) - 0.4g Patala( Pterocarpus suaveolens) - 0.4g Bala(Sida cordifolia) - 0.4g etc .

Diet beneficial for high blood sugar and Diabetes-

  • Purslane seeds, seed of bottle ground & fenugreek, string beans, cucumber, onion, garlic, Indian gooseberry, jambul fruit, grapes, black gram.

Diet to be avoided-

  • White sugar, honey, cake, jelly, chocolates, fried food, cheese, Finely milled wheat flour, Junk food , sweet fruits, potato, smoking & alcohol, egg yolk, high fat meal.

Do’s and Donts

  • Eat every 2-3 hours in small quantities rather than eating 3 large meals..
  • Include complex carbohydrate like whole wheat, ragi, jowar, brown rice, oats etc. They release sugar slowly and help keep insulin levels in check.
  • Aim for 25 gram of fiber per day through your diet to maintain blood glucose levels. Add vegetables and whole grains to your diet..
  • Switch to herbal tea instead of caffeinated tea and coffee..
  • Opt for low fat dairy products over full fat products

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