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Heat Stroke is form of Hyperthermia (Elevation of body temperature104-106 degree F). it is an abnormally elevated body temperature withaccompanying physical symptoms including changes in nervous system function.One of the causes of heat stroke is dehydration. In summers when there isexcessive heat, to protect herself body used to generate sweat. If you are notenough hydrated in summers chances of getting heat stroke is more as  body maynot be able to sweat fast enough to dissipate heat. In last 4 years’ more than4000 deaths claimed by Heat stroke.

Thedetails are showing that there is direct relation between dehydration and Heatstroke. So before leaving outside in summers please assure that you arehydrated enough to fight against sun.

Take 3 spoonful of Cooler sharbat in a glass of icecool water and drink

Khus, pudina, eera, Saunf, Lemon and Ajwain

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