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After extensive research and clinical trials Baidyanath has formulated Sunadari sakhi along with SundarisakhiTablet.It is non-hormonal & safe.Regulates menstrual cycle,relieves the distress of dysmenorrhoea,Treats metrorrhagia. Helps to improve appetite ,acts as mild laxative.Relieves spasm and pain.Reduces the inflammation of internal organ. Eliminates the deficiency of blood caused due to blood loss.

2 table spoonful twice a day with 1 tablet.

Anantamool,Khareti,Panchang,Apamarg,Kapas-mool,Manjishta,Ashok Chhal, Amaltas,Gokhru, Gajar Beej,Shivlingi,Daru-Haridra,Muli Beej, Ajormoda,Dhai Phool, Gulab Phool,Palash,Pushpa,Kulonji,Ulatkambal, Nagarmotha,Punarnava, Ashvangandha

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