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A herbal remedy helpful for intestinal amoebiasis flatulence,dyspepsia,bacillary dysentry etc.

1-2 tsf twice daily empty stomach with lukewarm wateror as directed by physician

Major ingredients includeIsabgol (plantago ovata) 0.6G ,bilwa(Aegel marmelos)-1.8GMS,Kutaj(Hollarena antidysentrica)0.6GMS,mishreya(Foeniculum vulgare) 0.6G,dhanyak(Coriandrum sativum)0.3GMS ,nagarmotha(Cyperus scariosus)0.15GMS ,sonth(Zingiber officinale)- 0.3 GMS


  • Lukewarm water with lemon juice and honey, apples, grapes, pears, pineapples, oranges, melons, coconut water, cabbage, carrots, cucumber, beetroot, tomato, onion, and garlic etc.


  • meat and cheese, eggs, chips, cookies, avoid adding table salt to your food, beef, pork, sausage, chicken , cream ,cheese, egg, butter, ice cream, oil high in saturated fat etc.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Let your mouth do the working- chew your food as much as possible before swallowing . Chewing at least twenty times per bite will mix the digestive juice present in your mouth.
  • Eat regularly and try not to skip meals-this will prevent overeating due to hunger and prepare the digestive system for regular meals.
  • Support for good digestive system:- Use probiotics, Herbal green tea, and bitters to aid in digestion.
  • Do not sleep immediately after meals.
  • Don’t eat when you are not hungry.
  • Don’t drink cold water after meals , according to ayurveda it slows down the digestion.

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